In the No-Guru Institute Susanna-Sitari and Matthias-Govinda, Tantra and Yoga trainer, are offering You different possibilities to expand and to cultivate Your sensual potential.

Tantra massage and Tantra groups are a way to discover Your deep sensuality and joy of living.

If You like to go more deeply You will find different individual and group tantric trainings which will suit to You and Your expectations - Tantra trainings with or without tantric massage, massage-workshops, sexual therapy and Tantra-lounge, Yoga and meditation, dance and tantra travel, weekly groups ... and more.

Our institute is in Hamburg, Germany, 5 Min. by foot from the Altona railway station.

To contact us please call 0049-0171-6446826 or email - sitari(at)no-guru.net for Susanna-Sitari (Italian, English, German speaking) and 0049-040-35710989 or email - govinda(at)no-guru.net for Matthias-Govinda (German, English, Spanish speaking).