You find yourself.
In a safe space, where you can be,
a whole person, without compromise.
You and your unique self.
With your strengths, with your shadow sides.
With your thoughts, emotions and feelings.
With your femininity, your masculinity.
Your lust. Your neediness.
Your desire to be touched. As a whole person.
Without limits, but with respect.
Without shame, shamelessly passionate.
Without fear, without prejudice, without conditioning.
You can be aware of yourself,
and experience your self and your abundance.

You are allowed to be authentic: the genuine you.
There is nothing to prove. You do not need to do anything.
Simply be. You. Present. Now.

The foundation of our work is our Tantra Massage Ritual. This is rooted in a style of massage which takes you through a creative, individual, sensual and authentic process originally developed by Andro Andreas Rothe which he and his team now teach in the Diamond Lotus Centre in Berlin.

This massage concept treats you as person in your entirety, free of prejudice or false shame. It grants you permission to experience your sexual energy and celebrates this in an imaginative and lustful manner. We also intuitively integrate elements from areas such as yoga, breathing techniques, and voice, energy and body work.

Building upon this foundation, we then develop personalised coaching and training programmes, as well as workshops, customised group offers, intensive days, the Massage Lounge, and tour offers. Our focus is always how you can develop a caring way of dealing with yourself and others, permitting and truly accepting sexual energy as life energy, and learning the art of sensual touch.

Common to all our programme items, whether individual sessions or in the groups, is the chance for you to have whole-body experiences, possibly discovering completely new aspects of your own body and an especially intensive experience of your sensuality. Sensual experiences such as these enable you to experience profound peace and contentment. Different levels of your being will be touched, your spirit will become freer, your heart is allowed to open and it can feel safety, trust and appreciation. Fear of intimacy will subside and feelings of shame will give way as you re-discover how natural touch can be. You can permit yourself to learn about building up (sexual) energy, guiding it through your whole body and using it as your very own source of vitality.

It is important to allow yourself the pre-defined time and space of the workshop as an opportunity to have new experiences which may, at first, even cast doubt upon your previous convictions and habits. And it is important for you to be open to new sensations and feelings that may arise during the exercises designed to re-train your perception, touch and attention. Various breathing and pelvic movement exercises, dynamic meditations and sensual touch all have a stimulating effect on your libido. This desired effect should be allowed to develop without falling into usual patterns of satisfying lustful impulses: a more conscious and patient approach can lead to the awakened (sexual) energy becoming a wholistic experience.

If you are curious, courageous and open; if you can feel limitations that are restricting your life; if you would like to discover new facettes of your being; if you are looking for new impulses to shape your (sex) life in a more imaginative and intensive way; if you do not yet know just what sensual touch can awaken within you; then please choose one of our wide range of starting points and allow yourself a new experience.

You can find more detailed information about our programme on the page with our offers.