Preliminary Advice and Coaching

If you would like some advice to reflect upon your personal situation before you start with No-Guru, we have time for you. In a preliminary conversation we will listen to you as you explain your situation, and then suggest some ideas for your next steps. Sometimes the solution is much closer than you think! In our time with you we will try to find these solutions together. Once you start bodywork, this type of conversation is also very valuable. It helps you to reflect upon your experiences and over a period of months or years this can be very enriching.

Advice by Telephone or E-Mail

Although the foundation of our work is touch, there are sometimes geographical or schedule-based circumstances that make an actual meeting impossible, even though you have an acute personal issue you need to deal with. In this case, we will do our best to offer an appointment at short notice for a telephone advice session, or we could advise you by e-mail.

Prices for Coaching

The price for coaching is 100.- Euro per hour.