The Tantra Massage Ritual

The central element of the ritual is the whole body massage, which generally lasts 2 hours. Our massage is a very intensive, energetic and personal process. The other important elements of the ritual are the pre- and post-massage talks. Both of these offer you the chance to more consciously explore your self and any experiences you may have. This conversation is, however, not obligatory - just a recommended opportunity which we offer you the time for. In addition, if you are interested in additional inspiration, we have a wide range of different breathing, visualisation and yoga exercises which we can perform together at the start of the ritual. These can help you to make contact with yourself, your body and your own energy.

Our Tantra Massage Ritual is thus a whole made up of individually selected parts that we intuitively put together to match you and the situation you find yourself in at that time.

If you are curious and a seeker; if the term personal growth means something to you; if you want to try out an unusual way of confronting your self, your body and your capacity to feel; if you are aware of a deep longing to really discover your self and your lust: if any of these apply to you, then you've probably come to the right place! We offer our Massage Ritual for individuals and for couples.

To book a massage

To book a massage please contact either
Susanna-Sitari - 0049-0171-6446806 - sitari(at) -
or Matthias-Govinda - 0049-170-4849248 - govinda(at)