Swami Suddhananda

Swami Suddhananda is one of the most exciting living masters from India. His humorous, open, and spirited presence pulls all those who listen to him into the path of his razor-sharp and convincing view on reality and life. His public appearances are inspiring and clarifying. During Satsang everyonce gets the chance to personally ask him a direct question. He answers each question with empathy, humor and profoundly deep knowledge.

Swami Suddhananda was born in Orissa, India and after completing his university studies in English literature, he met his master Swami Chinmayananda, who had been a disciple of Swami Sivananda. In the Chinmaya mission Swami Suddhananda studied the holy Indian scriptures under the guidance of this teacher Swami Dayananda, focussing particularly on the Advaita Vedanta from Adi Sankaracharya.

In 1983 Swamiji founded the "Samvit Sagar Trust" - and the basis was thereby laid for the "Suddhananda Foundation for Self-Knowledge" in Chennai. This organisation was founded with the goal of making knowledge about the Self accessible for everyone. Swamiji's instruction is based on the over 5000 year-old Vedic tradition, which is as relevant today as it was then for mastering the challenges of our daily life. In 1995 the "Akshara Educational Trust" was founded and several schools were built across India in order to maintain this method of instruction. In the meantime Swami Suddhananda supervises 4 ashrams and 5 schools in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Oriss, as well as centers in the UK, New Zealand, South Africa and Germany.

Swamiji is the author of over 30 books and was a guest speaker at the United Nations peace conference in 2000 in New York. He travels worldwide to New Zealand, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, the West Indies, USA, Canada, England, Belgium, France and Germany in order to teach and pass on his knowledge.