No-Guru Training

Do you want to explore a particular issue in your (sex) life intensively, in a committed way and for a set length of time? Are you are looking for practical tips, solutions and remedies that you can take with you and integrate into your everyday life? If so, then we recommend our personalised No-Guru Training. Here we describe this programme in a brief way:

Target Group: People who are dealing with a particular issue in their current life situation and who would like assistance, exploration of the issue, and reflection. Motives could be relationship and partnership questions, as well as issues concerning lust and libido (low libido, unsatisfactory experience of orgasm, stress affecting sex and desire, premature ejaculation, etc.) However, there doesn't have to be a problem at all to want to take part in this programme. The most significant prerequisite is simply your motivation to make your life richer, to enjoy more, and to live life more lightly. No-Guru Training can help you achieve this because it is explanatory, supportive and solution-oriented.

Contents: Analyse and break through your disadvantageous beliefs and habits; new arrangement of the components making up your own life; new sense of self-responsibility; de-programming, practical physical exercises; experiences with yourself; training your own perception.

Methods: Touch and massage with reflection and analysis; self-awareness exercises; exercises to train body and spirit (e.g. yoga, meditation, bio-energetics); voice training; psychodrama; orgasm training; possibly training rituals and participation in group events; conversational and behavioural training.

(The exact methods that are used within an individual No-Guru Training programme depend upon the qualifications of the accompanying trainer/coach/therapist and the training plan that we devise together with you.)

Procedure: Initially you will have at least one advisory conversation and one No-Guru Ritual. Only after these is it then possible to devise the individual training plan with you, in which we fix the length of the training and the number of sessions (e.g. 10/12 Rituals + 4/6 Coachings over 1 year). Between the individual appointments your task is to integrate newly learnt elements into your everyday life. This means that the minimum time between ritual sessions will be about 3-6 weeks. During this time we may schedule coaching appointments which can serve to help you with this integration process. This coaching can also take place at short notice by telephone or e-mail if needed.