Your questions about our programme:

What does the name "No-Guru" mean?
We have nothing against teachers. Everyone needs teachers to help them in their process as they grow and mature. Teachers, who can show us the path to the realisation that everything we need is already within us. Who can show us the way into the areas of our self that have been shut off until now. Whose light allows us to cast a glance into our dark and unexplored corners. Who make our true being visible for us: a being of universal perfection complete with contradictions that was previously invisible to our consciousness because of our rational perception. And who know that they, too, have an imperfect human form just like everyone else and that for human existence in this world it doesn't matter whether they are a 'Guru' or a 'No-Guru'. And that we can treat every person with the respect that the teacher within him deserves. This is how we will treat you.

Where are you situated?
Our premises for Tantra Massage and Coaching are in Hamburg Ottensen, about 3 minutes' walk from Altonaer Bahnhof. Since our office, the massage ritual premises and the group event rooms (in Hamburg Bahrenfeld) are in three different buildings, we will tell you where to come when you book.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
You don't need to prepare anything in particular. Everything you need during the massage ritual will be provided. Of course, you can bring your own lunghee if you want to.

Am I naked during the ritual?
Yes. We are, too.

Can I return touches during the massage?
No, this is not part of the massage. There is a lot of body contact and (emotional) intimacy during the ritual. However, the contact is always initiated by the person giving the massage: your role is to think only of yourself and remain in your self-awareness.

I would like to offer your massage to someone as a gift, is this possible?
Yes. We are sure that the chosen person or couple will be very happy to receive such an innovative present! The voucher is valid for one year and will be sent by post to the address of your choice as soon as we receive your payment. The lucky person or couple receiving your gift can then make an appointment with us when it is convenient for them.