The No-Guru Method in the Press

"Frau von heute", 2007 (PDF, 839 kb, German)
"Landeszeitung-Schleswig-Holstein", 2007(PDF, 131 kb, German)
"Klönschnack", 2007(PDF, 629 kb, German)
"Body & Mind", 2006(PDF, 93 kb, German)

The No-Guru Method in the Radio

When we held a No-Guru Tantra Lounge in Summer 2007 in Rendsburg, in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, we were invited to a local radio station to be interviewed. The interview gives a good impression of us and our work: if you want to listen to it, we present it here divided into four parts (in German).

Part 1 (mp3, 12mb)
Part 2(mp3, 24mb)
Part 3(mp3, 21mb)
Part 4(mp3, 16mb)