What is tantra?

(by Sitari in German, translation into English by Alan Frostick)

What do I associate with the word? What meaning does tantra have in my life?

Tantra is pure consciousness.

Tantra is the sovereign path of self-awakening.

Tantra is life itself, the enjoyment of being. Tantra is body, mind and spirit developing increasingly more conscious and intensive self-awareness.

Tantra is the “nosce te ipsum” (gnothi seauthon = know thyself) of Socrates.

Tantra is a sexual, earthy, physically incarnated primal energy that yearns to be free of all the beliefs, taboos, limitations, false associations and ambiguities that our superficial, body-oriented culture has placed upon this vital force.

Tantra is spirit, is heart-energy, not a sentimental and tackily clung-to needy concern. Tantra is self-love, self-acceptance, tolerance, openness, tantra knows neither good nor evil, because everything has the right to be, just as it is.

Tantra is a clear mind, which penetrates that thick layer of preconceptions, beliefs and illusions in order to reach the unbridled, wildly sensual vital energy.

Tantra is also the calm lack of hereafters. The darkness. The universal oneness. The beyond. Tantra is the unification of the twofold. Not once and for all. Yet time and again. Just like in life.

Tantra is to walk this path. To embark upon a voyage of discovery and accept all the risks without a safety net. It is an exciting journey, full of unexpected joys, extremely intense sensations and feelings, particularly when a fear is suddenly released and the energy frozen within is set free... But it is also a lonely journey, not without some painful stumbling blocks, not without a few indigestible morsels that are really hard to swallow. It is a journey that pushes to the limits people who seek an inner challenge... Those who would rather fight their inner demons than climb the career ladder - or Mount Everest!

Tantra sets the greatest challenge of all extreme spiritual sports.

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