Andro Andreas Rothe

Andro Andreas Rothe is the founder of the oldest Tantra school in Germany, the Diamond Lotus Tantra Berlin. Andro has been a radical representative of red Tantra in his life. Among many other things we owe him the development of a very special complete body massage. Here, based on elements of different massage techniques, an own massage form was developed, which has become known as "Tantra massage according to Andro". Almost all massage institutes in Germany and also in some other countries where so-called "Tantra massages" are offered have their roots in the work of Andro. Andro stayed in our world from 25th August 1941 until 22nd December 2019.

The work of Andro in connection with our own work
We owe a lot to Andro, because we learned a lot from him. In particular, the taboo-free approach and examination of our own sexuality in all its facets, which we were able to experience during the years at the Diamond Lotus Institute, was an important building block of our own personal development. You will find many elements in our offers that we were able to get to know at Andro and his Berlin community.

We know no taboos regarding sexuality. At the same time it is important for us to embed sexuality intensively in a context of spirituality and personality development. Therefore, sexual contact is not the main focus of our offers to enter the world of Tantra. It is first of all about the contact with yourself. Because if you are not in contact with yourself - who should then get in contact with another person? We offer you to accompany you step by step so that you can have individual experiences that you are ready for. You determine your own pace and also the elements that you want us to accompany you on your path. We accompany you and give you space to make your experiences - of course also in all areas of physicality and in all facets of sharing sexuality with others ...